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Are your yogurts and desserts dairy-free?

Yes, all of our yogurts are dairy-free and made entirely from the milk of the coconut. We add dairy-free live cultures to the mix and some fruit compote to our fruity varieties.

Can people with other food intolerances eat your yogurt?

Our yogurts are dairy-free, soya-free and gluten-free, so anyone with these food intolerances can enjoy our lovely, luscious coconut yogurt.

Why are coconuts so good for you?

Coconuts are amazing fruits. They’re a type of drupe and belong to the same family as plums, peaches and olives. They’re also jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and health-giving, friendly fats.

Is the fat in coconuts good for you?

Yes, the fat in coconuts is super-healthy – it’s almost all made up of medium-chain fatty acids. Instead of being stored as body fat, these are broken down straight away and used as energy. In fact, they’ve been shown to help promote heart health and aid in brain cognition. Even better, they’re cholesterol-free.

Do your yogurts contain cholesterol?

No, they don’t. Hooray!

I’m a vegan, can I eat your coconut yogurts?

Our yogurts contain no animal products whatsoever, so gorge yourself!

Are your yogurts sugar-free?

Our Natural Yogurt is sugar-free. Our Raspberry and Mango & Passion Fruit varieties contain no added sugar, but do contain natural fruit sugars because of the compotes.

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